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If anyone who likes slot games with easy-to-play themes, colorful game symbols make it comfortable to play, must give Wild Giant Panda, a panda-themed slot game with many animals and nature. There are pandas, goldfish, birds, tree frogs, flowers and watermarks that will make you feel very comfortable while playing.

Slotxo games come in 3×5 slots with 50 paylines. There are 13 symbols in total. Will symbolize the bamboo

  • The wild symbol of this game is a panda bear, representing all symbols except Scatter.
  • The Scatter symbol is Yin Yang. If there are 3 yin yang symbols, any position. You will get 10 free games and you will be presented with a bonus feature that Gambler will let you choose the card color. If you guess correctly, you will get additional points. And play 5 more times and the wild symbol is compatible with Scatter when in free games.
    Which Wild Giant Panda is a Panda slot game. It is a game with simple symbols that draw rewards. And has a lot of extra features Giving you a chance to win throughout the game It’s a game that has a chance to win. And can easily make profits from this game If you want to play a game that can make you good money, have fun and have a nice theme. I recommend this game. Takes you into nature That will make you money throughout the play