Why Are Pumpkins Used at Halloween?

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Andre Alexander

I love to know the worldwide news, cultures, festivals and all in all everything. Being a hobbyist, I welcome to my readers to check out up to date postings. Keep reading!
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Why Are Pumpkins Used at HalloweenThe use of pumpkins during the Halloween season is increasingly popular across the world. Many families are used to conserving at least a single pumpkin to be used during the Halloween season. Thus, pumpkins have become an essential part of the entire Christmas holiday.

Normally, the pumpkins are dried and used as carvings. The carving pumpkins are lit from within and kept in an open place for the view of the entire family or the individuals who are inside a room or a house. Lighting is done using candles and even electric bulbs.

Usage of Pumpkins at Halloween

Where did the Use of Pumpkins during Halloween originate from?

Apparently, the origination of the use of pumpkins during Halloween in the “History of Jack-o-lantern”is the main reason why many people practice the “adopted culture” up to today. Initially,a young man who was known as Stingy Jack was invited by the devil for a drink at a certain bar. After they enjoyed their drinks, Jack was not willing to pay for them. Therefore, he decided to convince the devil to turn into a coin so that he could use it to pay for the drinks. Already convinced, the devil turned himself into a coin. Later, he realized the purpose why Jack asked to turn himself into a coin.

However, Jack thought that he could have kept the coin. Thus, he refused to pay for the drinks using it. As a result, he escaped from the bar and headed for home with the coin. Again, he thought of re-turning the coin back into its initial form, the devil. As a result, the devil was impressed by Jack’s second thought and he promised that he will never take Jack’s soul to hell.

Why Are Pumpkins Used at HalloweenAs a form of gift, the devil honored Jack with an ember which could fit in a hollowed-out turnip to make a lantern. He told Jack to carry the lantern wherever he went in the world in order to be unique among other people. Eventually, the Irish people adopted the practice and they used it to mark their important events. During the impoverished and famine-hit season in Ireland during the 1850s, Jack moved to America together with his fellow Irish people. He was accompanied with his lantern which he proceeded to carry along in America.

Implications and Later Imitation by the Children and Young People

As a result, many children started using vegetables such as beets, turnips, and potatoes to make a similar lantern like that of the Stingy Jack. Eventually, a dry pumpkin was noted to the most perfect object to make the lantern. At the same time, by having pumpkins highly available during the Halloween season, the practice of making the lantern got associated with the Halloween season. In the 19thand 20th centuries, the practice became rampant in many parts of US.


Up to today, use of pumpkins is very popular in US and in many other parts of the world. A pumpkin is carved to resemble the appearance of a ghost-like face. Mostly, many people use candles to light within a carved dry pumpkin. In 1892, the mayor of Atlanta used pumpkins to make the Stingy Jack’s lanterns to decorate his home for the Halloween season. Eventually, many families in America embraced the use of pumpkins and candles to during Halloween.

Written by: Andre Alexander

I love to know the worldwide news, cultures, festivals and all in all everything. Being a hobbyist, I welcome to my readers to check out up to date postings. Keep reading!

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