Countries Where Metal Detecting Is a Favorite Hobby

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Andre Alexander

I love to know the worldwide news, cultures, festivals and all in all everything. Being a hobbyist, I welcome to my readers to check out up to date postings. Keep reading!
Andre Alexander


Metal detecting has emerged to be a common hobby among many people. Previously, the hobby was more common with the seniors. However, it is nowadays picking interest among every member of the society from any age bracket.

There are several countries in which metal detecting has become a favorite hobby among individuals. Mostly, the countries have a rich history of: early kingdoms, early local industries, mineral exploitation, and activeness in scientific revolution.

Which Countries are Famously Known for Metal Detecting?

United Kingdom

metal detecting in IcelandThe UK has been active in metal detecting for years now. There are many individuals today who are treasure seekers and history enthusiast who are citizens or visitors of the UK. Many individuals who take this practice as a hobby enjoy the physical fitness that is brought about by it.

At the same time, they enjoy making extra cash after discovering and selling the treasures which were lost or buried in different places. In UK, people conduct metal detecting in beaches, gardens, parks and commons, fields, and footpaths.

Also, other places such as: near old industries, near airports, and at river deposit areas, people enjoy looking for treasures and important metals which may have been lost previously by ancient people, after collapse of ancient kingdoms, or old settlements.


metal detecting in IcelandIceland is known to be very popular among people who are interested in metal detecting. Individuals from different countries visit Iceland for metal detecting solely. Mostly, those who go for metal detecting in this are after finding gold and silver among other treasures.

The River Ellidaár is largely associated lost treasures. The early kingdom and settlements which were situated in Reykjavik and Valur had most of their treasured items carried away by the river. Therefore, metal detecting is favorable while sailing or swimming in the river.

Also, individuals conduct metal detecting in the Ellidaar valley. This valley is associated with deposition of metals and treasures by River Ellidaár. Some of these metals and treasures are buried deep in the ground.

In the early times, British fishermen and Reykjavik residents were highly conducting fishing in River Ellidaár. Apparently, they were using fish baits and traps which were made of silver. Most of these traps and baits got lost in the river and the valley. This attracts many people to discover where they were got to after they got lost.

United States

metal detecting in IcelandUSA is a home for incredible history about early kingdoms such as the Anasazi, settlements such as British, Spanish, French settlements, colonialism, the Great Depression, and civil war. It is believed that in these eras, a lot of treasures were lost in different places of the US.

These include: relics, Barber coins, gold nuggets, silver pieces, and even diamond. With the rise of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry industries in US, metal detecting has emerged as an important economic activity among many people.

Metal detecting is usually done in places such as: Huntsville, California, Utah, and Oregon among many other places. Many individuals enjoy conducting metal detecting in US since it has many different areas which are uninhabited and unexploited by previous people.


Metal detecting is a favorite hobby among many people as it is associated with physical fitness, social activities, and even economic gains. Mostly, people target places where settlements, early kingdoms, churches, or airports were established.UK, US, and Iceland remains to be the most favorable countries for metal detecting today.

Written by: Andre Alexander

I love to know the worldwide news, cultures, festivals and all in all everything. Being a hobbyist, I welcome to my readers to check out up to date postings. Keep reading!

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