Why Is Albania the Most Tolerant Country?

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Andre Alexander

Andre Alexander

I love to know the worldwide news, cultures, festivals and all in all everything. Being a hobbyist, I welcome to my readers to check out up to date postings. Keep reading!
Andre Alexander


Why Is Albania the Most Tolerant CountryOver the years, Albania has gained popularity due to its tolerance to different cultures, religion, and other practices. The country is dominated by Islamic religion and Islamic beliefs. However, the country also has many Christians. Therefore, Christianity and Islam are the two dominant religions in Albania.

Due to the tolerance associated with this country, many people have recently opted to visit the country in to order to enjoy its openness. At the same time, the country has been recognized largely by the world.

How is Albania Tolerant?

Normally, many countries discourage invasion and visitation by other citizens from other countries. This is mainly based on difference in terms of culture, race, origin, and religious beliefs. Unlike other countries, Albania is open to all people from different backgrounds.

1) Religious Tolerance

Why Is Albania the Most Tolerant CountryAlbania is an Islam dominated country. However, the country is also dominated by Christianity religion. Being dominated by Islam, everyone would expect that the nation is opposed to other religions like other Muslim nations.

Unlike such countries, Albania is open to all people regardless of their religious backgrounds. Albanian families are open to host visitors who are from a different religion with them. Also, people from different religions can access all sacred places such as: churches, mosques, or shrines without any necessary limitations.

2) Flexibility in terms of Gender and Respect for Minorities

Albania is highly famous due to its flexibility in dealing with different genders. Unlike other Muslim countries, it has drastically civilized and ditched all the gender inequality practices. Women can play major roles in the society without necessarily being limited based on their gender.

At the same time, Albania highly respects the minority groups. For instance, the country allows same-sex marriage.Currently, there are many gay and lesbian families in Albania. These families are not exposed to any limitations.

Therefore, Albania sets a clear difference between it and other Muslim dominated countries such as: Indonesia, Qatar, Morocco, and Turkey which are opposed to practices such as gay and lesbians’ families.Visitors from same-sex families can freely visit the country without any fear.

3) Albanian History of Communist Past

Previously, Albania was a communist nation which spread from Russia and Germany. Therefore, the communities of Albania have existed at the expense of togetherness and unity of power. This has bred tolerance on different cultures, races, and religions among the citizens.

During the era of a Muslim-born leader known as Marxist-Leninist, many practices which were associated with disuniting the people were outlawed and cleared from the society. These included: religious practices, beliefs, books, and icons which were based on creating difference among the citizens.

Marxist Leninist is remembered for his activities which united many people in Albania by 1967. Eventually, Albanians learned to live together even with strangers and visitors. At the same time, the dominance of the Communist Party in the Albanian government increased the rate of secularism in the country.


Albania is an example of how all the nations should be today. The nation is not associated with hatred towards Americans like other Muslim nations. This openness and tolerance has immensely attracted many people to visit and live in Albania.

Written by: Andre Alexander

I love to know the worldwide news, cultures, festivals and all in all everything. Being a hobbyist, I welcome to my readers to check out up to date postings. Keep reading!

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